Be careful if you use this extension in Kodi to watch IPTV channels


Be careful if you use this extension in Kodi to watch IPTV channels

Kodi has become one of the favorite tools for users to watch their multimedia content, but the giant system of add-ons or add-ons that allow adding add-ons in Kodi was also the key to its popularity.

Hacking has benefited from the popularity of this service with dozens of Kodi add-ons that allow access to paid content, either for free or through an economic subscription. The latest news in this regard is the closing of a popular Kodi addition to watching IPTV. Vader Stream is the best addition to Kodi Premium. It provides access to more than 100 premium channels such as HBO, Hulu, AMC HD, etc., whose price is less than $ 11 per month and has attracted thousands of users. Obviously this is an illegal subscription, but IPTV services have an increasing number of subscribers, and they have already bypassed the satellite using CCCAM and other means.

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There are many Kodi additions that have gained reputation, and Vader Stream is one of them. However, just a few hours ago, the news was finally confirmed through the Telegram add-on channel that Vader would shut down and stop providing IPTV services.

Although the company did not give much detail, everything indicates that the pressures of the audiovisual industry were severe over it, and lawsuits have been filed against its officials. It is also possible that everything ends in a trial that could lead to imprisonment or heavy financial fines.

The problem now is the data of customers who have paid to access IPTV. As the company guarantees that neither email nor IP address or seller data will fall into the hands of the hackers. Everything will be erased. However, we do already know what happens in these cases and more than that if police and judicial bodies investigate the matter.

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