Domains offered access to thousands of channels illegally


Domains offered access to thousands of channels illegally

Last year, large companies in the film and TV industry came together under the name Motion Picture Association of America (MPA) to take action against pirated websites and services that infringe their copyright.

MPA is now leading a new initiative, called the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). The project is a global anti-piracy coalition that aims to find and close platforms that distribute protected content.

ACE’s current focus is on ‘pirated’ IPTV providers. In a recent lawsuit, two of them, T.KO TV and DripTV, fell after legal advances by the group. Both offered subscription packages that gave access to pay TV channels. Prices are low, making consumers prefer the service over legitimate versions.

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T.KO TV is well known on the internet for offering around 3,200 channels for popular prices. DripTV is quite similar, offering the same service. Now, the providers’ websites display a countdown with the ACE logo before directing the user to a portal with details about the anti-piracy operation.


There are those who question the effectiveness and time spent by ACE to bring down these services. However, as new domains offering similar services emerge, entertainment companies find themselves losing money due to illegal consumption.

The idea of ​​the coalition is to destabilize this market that is increasingly present on the internet. Proving to be more effective in combating the practice, the hope is that salespeople will be intimidated by the proposed legal measures and close their targeted websites, making the service something out of reach for the average consumer.

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