How IPTV technology works


How IPTV technology works

Deepening the workings of this technique, we will find that it is somewhat complicated, and there will be many important steps behind it in order to reach the required viewing for television via the Internet only. The following are the main steps that IPTV technology is working on that are being pursued by the service providers, as follows:


Collection and preparation of programs that will be broadcast: In this particular step, the television content of any program is collected and stored to appear in a digital format that can be displayed via Internet protocols, and thus the size of this file will be very large beyond reasonable, and for this the files are compressed in one way or another in order to facilitate Speeding up the broadcasts for these recorded programs, and later these records are encrypted to increase the privacy of this information.

Broadcasting programs via the Internet: This step is for the user who wants to view the content or those programs, as once you enter the web page that includes these programs, the computer begins to read the server information, and therefore it will collect all the encrypted information for that file and convert it into audible and audible content, It must also basically have on this computer a connection to the Internet protocol to basically match the server and the web page that you are connected to.

Sending a streaming stream to more than one device: Imagine that more than 500 people want to watch the same content at the same time, in this case the provider to communicate with the broadcasting protocol must grant the connection to the communication server for everyone through the use of multicast, in this case everyone will be able to view That program at the same time and from the same server. In the end, all users view the content by the devices responsible for displaying the content of this program. Among these devices is a computer, a phone, and even a TV equipped with a set-top box for IPTV files, provided that an Internet connection is available on those devices via cable or through a Wi-Fi connection.

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