IPTV and the Financial Loss


IPTV and the Financial Loss

Several sites and apps exist which allow you to access illegal content for free. However, there’s also a large market for paid illegal services.


Perhaps most notable is the IPTV sector. A quick search on Reddit reveals dozens of illegal IPTV providers. Each of these provides access to thousands of live TV channels from all over the globe.



Typically, prices for such services are between about $5 and $15 per month, with extra costs for those who want to watch on multiple devices at the same time. And, just like many legal services, several providers offer impressive discounts if you sign up for a multi-month package.


Signing up for long periods puts you at risk of financial loss. Because of their illegality, the providers are not regulated, meaning they could stop offering their product and vanish on a whim. Again, Reddit provides countless examples of this happening.


Obviously, there’s also a significant risk that authorities could pursue a provider through the courts, which again means the service potentially ceasing without warning, thus leaving you out-of-pocket.



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