IPTV .. What do you know about poor Netflix?


IPTV … What do you know about poor Netflix?

IPTV or IPTV is a technology that we see applications around us everywhere, and it simply means converting live video streaming from television radio waves into light pulses being transmitted over the Internet, simply countless IPTV applications from Netflix to Private servers.

IPTV services can be divided into two types: the first is watching on demand or Video On Demand VOD and it is in its simplest applications such things as Netflix and YouTube, where there is a library of videos on the servers of the service provider and you run them at the time you want, and there is also the broadcast service live or live streaming, which means that you are watching a live broadcast, either to another person over the Internet, such as twitch services and Facebook Live, or to regular TV broadcast channels, such as watching matches.

IPTV in poor Netflix

The speed of the Internet has increased recently in many countries around the world and the development of IPT technologies has enabled a new black market that started years ago, but is at the height of its glory now, especially after the largest Arab production company owned by the Egyptian General Intelligence Agency “Synergy” prevented offering its production of Ramadan series free of charge. On the YouTube platform, the series are now shown exclusively through paid platforms such as the “Shahid” platform, owned by the Saudi MBC Group, and the Egyptian state-owned “Watch It” platform.

Internet connection, smart device and cheap subscription


Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Technology as Media Concept
Because of the development of IPTV services across different platforms, there was a need to standardize broadcasting standards and its method around the world, and therefore there are many programs ready to receive the IPTV service on any operating systems, whether smartphone environments such as Android and iOS, or operating systems Personal computers such as Windows and macOS, and even smart TV operating systems, you can download any pre-set program to receive IPTV from broadcast servers and there are free programs that do this feature such as the famous VLC Player, or you can buy a distinct version of these programs for A small amount of money that usually contains additional features such as the ability to record live broadcasts or receive broadcasts of higher quality. Finally, comes the black market subscription, which is available through many service providers who manage a number of private servers through which they broadcast many open and encrypted satellite channels. Usually, the annual subscription for these subscriptions ranges between 15 and 50 USD, and this depends on the number of available channels and the size of The server’s content library.

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Black market service providers are programming some servers to forward TV broadcasts to many TV channels in several countries around the world, due to the cheap infrastructure required to provide such a service and thanks to technologies such as IP multicasting that allow the server to provide broadcasts to many destinations in the same Time in parallel, anyone with knowledge of the fundamentals of IPT technology can create a private broadcast server for different channels at a cost of no more than a few dollars and start marketing them online and profit from subscriptions, and all they have to do is make sure to keep the network working and update the library of pirated movies and series in a way Cyclic.

Private channels on the mood of IPTV viewers

Private channels on the mood of IPTV viewers

Perhaps one of the reasons for the prosperity of the black market for IPTV is the wave of Arab immigrants to European Union countries due to political events in the Arab region, and because of the difficulty in accessing Arab TV stations and the Arab content and the ease and relative cheapness of IPTV services making it the preferred choice for migrants, despite From the illegality of IP services that violate the broadcasting and intellectual property rights of many Arab and international production and television companies in theory, it is because of the difficulty of violating the privacy of Internet users and knowing their browsing history, and also because many users of the service use VPN services, it is practically difficult to chase people Who use IPTV services.

Because of the relative cheapness to forward broadcasts through virtual servers, black market providers compete for subscribers, there are those who offer the ability to activate the subscription on more than one screen, and there is competition in providing the latest content such as Ramadan series or providing more channels, but perhaps the funniest things Is that some service providers create new broadcast channels in their names and are at the request of subscribers, you may see a channel that shows pirated Netflix movies non-stop, or a channel that shows Adel Imam movies only all the time.

It is not only the production companies that are affected

But the biggest affected by this black market are not the technical production companies that incur a lot of losses due to the pirated content available on these private servers, but in fact the biggest affected are the companies that have a monopoly broadcasting various sporting events such as the English Premier League for example and the Ben Sport Group.

In the end, the black market for IPTV services provides a mixture that saves the viewer from subscribing to a lot of services. The content of both HP in addition to Netflix, and the content of the Arab viewer such as satellite channels or even games, is a click away with an annual subscription less than a month’s Netflix subscription. One at times, but in contrast, large companies incur huge losses of up to $25 billion annually, which could cause the industry to decline overall, especially at a time of global economic recession.

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