Learn about the H265 or HEVC testicle in the world of receivers and showers


Learn about the H265 or HEVC testicle in the world of receivers and showers

One of the most common terms in this period in the field of satellite satellites and showers is the support of the receiving receivers for the HEVC characteristic, or as some call them H265, what is the characteristic of H265 or HEVC, and what are the receivers that support them, which we will get to know, God willing, in this post in a simple way.

What is the HEVC “H265” testis?
In the beginning, we can define the H265 characteristic, or as it is called HEVC, which is an abbreviation of High Efficiency Video Coding. It is a high quality and high quality video codec, which is the transmission of high-quality broadcasts in a compact way in order to provide data.
It means a way to transfer the video by compressing it, its role is that it compresses approximately half the volume of data while maintaining the same quality, for example if a channel is broadcast on YouTube or Apollo with a specific image quality when using the feature H 265 the video will be delivered to you with the same quality and perhaps higher with half consumption What you used to consume in the past.

If watching a video for an hour consumes 500 MB of the internet package, when converting the video to 265 H, we will watch the video with the same quality and perhaps only 250 MB higher. Of course, the best use of it currently is through satellite and data channels, and it is possible to broadcast high quality channels with consumption of data much less than the previous.

Of course, the feature is now indispensable for any receiver due to the emergence of many channels that broadcast in this format, the most famous of which is the most important B-Q channels.

And in the absence of this feature on the receiver, it will never be able to receive the channels that broadcast this feature, so if you are interested in the future and have receivers that keep pace with the progress and the next, when purchasing a new receiver, you must ensure that there is a feature H 265 in it
Of course, the feature supports videos with a quality of 8192 x 4320 or whatever is limited to 8k
Which receivers support the H265 or HEVC testis?
Recently, devices that support this feature have proliferated, such as Media Star – Ecolink – Tiger – Starsat – Gion – Salik, “Qmax previously” – Iconkl. Most of the current types are known and famous, and all their advantages are clear to everyone, but to try it easily, try to receive B-Q channels on Badr 26 East If the receiver is able to receive and download channels, it will support H265. If the opposite is the case, the receiver will not support
Finally, these are simple pictures that clarify the meaning of the subject in every shortcut, and that a video of similar or higher quality was transferred using less data

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