The figure of the day: 618 euros. This is the average amount of auto insurance premium in France, according to the comparator . Depending on the make of your car, not everyone is in the same boat. If you drive in Dacia, Toyota or Hyundai, you pay respectively 461, 519 and 523 euros, insurance premium on average. This is little. According to Assurland, these affordable rates are explained in particular by a low purchase price of cars, but we note that this is not the only criterion. More luxurious brands like Volvo or Land Rover remain below the national average. French side, we find Citroën in 5th place with an average premium of 537 euros against 583 euros for Renault or 605 euros for Peugeot.

The practical info Capital. You are co-owners and you have just insulated the facade of your building? Good news: you are eligible for the 30% tax credit on energy saving work. But, be careful, the tax authorities have provided specific terms and conditions for this type of major collective work . Unlike work done on a personal basis, you do not have to exclude labor expenses for calculating your tax credit. And in any case, remember that it remains capped at 8,000 euros for a single person and 16,000 euros for a couple subject to a joint taxation. For more details, visit

Rave about the pay TV channels. According to a recent study by the Hadopi, 25% of Internet users illegally pirate their content . 5% of French people would use the IPTV system for this purpose. Just buy a small box on the internet or in a specialized shop. Connected to the internet, it allows to watch all the pay channels for 110 euros per year. Unbeatable against 240 euros annually to receive Canal +. Result: 54% of IPTV users have unsubscribed from a legal offer despite its technical problems and its risk of infection by a virus. Broadcasters came together in 2018 with an association to put pressure on the legislator and get a law against piracy.

And, we finish with Facebook that could release its own cryptocurrency from next year. According to the BBC , the social network is finalizing its “Libra Project” since December and could launch its “GlobalCoin” in 12 countries in early 2020. More details should be published by Facebook at the beginning of this year. was but Mark Zuckerberg has already met with representatives of the US Treasury and the Bank of England to discuss regulatory issues. With this currency, Facebook seeks to shake up the usual financial circuits and compete with banks by reducing costs for consumers.

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