What is a m3u file how can it be modified, modified or converted to another format?


What is a m3u file how can it be modified, modified or converted to another format?

The files on the computer come in different formats, including (m3u.).

The format of the file can be considered as a specific way of crafting information for storing it on a computer.

And the distinction is made between the file format according to the extension of each file.

What is meant by the extension is a suffix appended to the filename to indicate the encoding or coding of the file contents, and it comes after the period in the form of (.txt) or (.mp3). (m3u.)

The extension is used to distinguish the types of files, their internal format, and the programs that you open or run.

The Windows system to recognize a file and open it on the appropriate program to run depends on the file extension. If the file ends in (.docx), it will open it on a Microsoft Word program and if (mp3) opens it to the appropriate audio players.
What is m3u file

An m3u file is a text file that includes multimedia links that are played on video drivers.

Iptv files come in m3u format. This format means an audio or video playback file that includes url links or paths to files on the computer that are played through multimedia programs by placing a list of links / tracks in the program’s playlist to run.
Play the m3u file

M3U files work on smart TVs, on mobile devices and computers, they only need a suitable multimedia player to play them.

The vlc video player is one of the best players that m3u files work on. It plays not only this type of file but even M3U8, PLS, XSPF, WVX, CONF, ASX, IFO, CUE files.

When we get the m3u file, we open it on vlc, and we get a list of channels, video, or audio in the file as in the picture, so we choose what we want to play, whether on the computer, on the mobile, or others.

What is a m3u file how can it be modified, modified or converted to another format

Open the m3u file and edit it

The m3u file can be opened through bloc-notes so we can get a list of links or paths as in the image and then we can amend them by deleting the channels that we do not want or change their arrangement or dividing the list into groups that we registered in the format of m3u by putting (m3u.) After the name The file

Convert m3u files to another format

The m3u file is a file list of links or paths and is not a video file and on it can not be converted to specific formats of the video as mp4 or other but rather it can be converted to list files in the format of M3U8, XSPF, PLS to suit some devices and video players that are working on it and is used In it programs and tools can also be used vlc program itself.

Playlist Creator 3.6.2 download link that converts m3u to pls.


Online tools to modify m3u files to other formats



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