What is Card sharing? What are the types of servers that share the technology?


What is Card sharing? What are the types of servers that share the technology?

Shirring, also called viewing sharing, is a technique whereby encrypted channels are watched through the participation of a person subscribed to these channels. His code is shared with other people – not subscribers – via the Internet so that they can view them through special devices connected to the Internet that are able to receive the code, decode and operate the channels on the satellite As if they are already subscribing to the packages.

In other words, it is a method by which a person subscribes to the required package and then distributes this service to everyone who wants in the world via the Internet and this method allows everyone to view the channel he wants within the same encrypted package without being restricted to what the other is watching

And the shirring does not need a high internet speed, but works whatever the speed of the internet because it does not need it to reach the code, either broadcasting video and audio is done via satellite, for this it needs a dish as it needs a receiver that accepts the Schering feature
To run a shering, you need the following information:

The name of the host or ip.
Port number.
Username: user.
The user’s password
The deskey number is 14 marital numbers.

Types of servers running Alchering technology

Server Cccam
Newcamd Server
MgCamd Server
MDBox server
Server GBox
Server obox
Surfer Abox
Server Rshare

And the cccam, newcamd and gbox servers are among the best sharing systems that are characterized by stability, stability and speed.

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