What is IPTV and what is the benefit of this technology


What is IPTV and what is the benefit of this technology


There are a lot of different technologies in terms of the technologies used, but they share the same goal, which is to deliver content to the viewer. In this article, we will learn about IPTV technology and its advantages and requirements for its operation.

IPTV in IPTV or as it is called IP TV or Internet Protocol Television is a system based on providing digital TV broadcast service using Internet Protocol (IP) over computer networks, which often works using broadband Internet lines, and in a form General The main difference between the IPTV system and traditional TV systems is the use of computer networks instead of the traditional transmission methods to deliver the visual material to the viewer.
IPTV system differs from the Internet TV system:

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IPTV system is different from the Internet TV system, as the former uses separate private networks
(Such as LANs) while Internet TV is running on the Internet
To know more about what is IPTV technology?

It is simply an acronym for Internet Protocol Television, i.e. television over IP, to better understand it, we will learn about the different ways in which we can watch different channels, there is an example of this: Antenna that enables you to capture and watch terrestrial channels, which depends in the basis of its work on Terrestrial broadcasting.

Also there is an air dish technology that enables you to receive broadcasts from satellites and then the receiver converts the signal, to broadcast channels in the known way and this is called satellite broadcasting.

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