What is the difference between iptv link, m3u and iptv xtream codes


What is the difference between IPTV link, m3u and IPTV xtream codes

Initially, a brief introduction to the IPTV technology is required

What is IPTV?

How does it work and what are its types?

What distinguishes IPTV from regular TV broadcasts via the Internet and satellite broadcasts?

They are all questions posed by those who heard of this modern technology for the first time, so we will seek in this article to answer these questions, and introduce our esteemed readers to this system and the way it works.

What is IPTV?

IPTV, or IPTV, is a modern technology for digital television broadcasting over the Internet using the Internet Protocol (IP).

It is called Internet Protocol Television.

And this system has evolved greatly, especially with the digital revolution that the world has known, as it started crawling over traditional TV broadcasts, and takes its place due to the spread of computers, phones and smart panels, which enables to watch channels or video wherever the person is.

And the idea can be simplified in the fact that the IPTV system allows viewing of encrypted and unencrypted TV channels, programs and movies, without the need to apply and send satellite or paid TV cables, but then watch them by bringing sound and image via the Internet from the service provider directly to the user , Who watches his favorite channels from anywhere in the world and through many devices such as computers, smartphones, electronic boards, smart TV, and even regular televisions, through the availability of receivers capable of receiving the Internet and decoding IPTV
Types of IPTV broadcasts

The first type Video on Demand: It is a video on demand service (VOD), which is the technology that allows watching programs and movies by choosing from a huge inventory offered by the concerned network, it provides its services through a monthly subscription and sometimes free of charge, and one of the most famous providers of these services is the giant Netflix .

The second type is time-shifted IPTV: it is provided by some well-known TV channels, such as the British BBC, and MBC Saudi Arabia, where its programs are shown on video players or their own applications and even on regular Internet browsers after a certain period of their transmission via satellite, which is the service provided by Shahid.com from mbc channels.

The third type live IPTV or IP simulcasting: It is the direct TV transmission via IPTV technology, where the transmission of live broadcasts to the TV channels while watching them via satellite.

What is the difference between iptv link, m3u and iptv xtream codes

iptv link: is the url link, which is an email address that leads to a file on the Internet that includes links to TV channels, and the file is often in the form of m3u, m3u8, or json, and these files, in turn, include links to TV and video channels that are run on applications or programs that run these files

And it is always like this:

: http://xxxxxxxxxx.com/get.php?username=1245&password=1254&type=m3u

And this link is the one that leads us to play TV channels or video files that we get from the provider or from educational sites that give free iptv links and works in two ways. Either we copy the link and paste it in the place provided on the IPTV program like VLC or others, the list of channels appears The link provides it, and we either copy the link and run it on the browser as the URL. A m3u file is downloaded to our computer or smartphone. This file is what we need to upload to the programs or applications to run

m3u: It is a file that can be opened on a bloc note and it often includes a list of addresses and electronic links that lead to video or TV files that are located on the internet somewhere. In our case, the m3u channel file provides us with a mtu to run the iptv bein sport arabic package, i.e. the total of Alpin Sport channels that enable us to Watching and following sports events that we love

iptv xtream codes: It is a form of IPTV format in which the IPTV links are broken so that you can run a set of applications and programs so the link will be in this format

host: http://xxxxxxxxx.com

port: 5000

username: 1245

password = 1254

Some people may ask why we explained the difference between these types simply because you may encounter these types in abundance on the Internet and you have to choose the format that suits the application that your device is available to operate the channels there are applications that only run xtream codes and there are those who only run URL or m3u links and there Whoever occupies them all

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