What is the difference between Sharing and IPTV?


What is the difference between Sharing and IPTV?

What is Sharing?
To open and view encrypted channels and satellite packages, you must subscribe to them and pay a sum of money to obtain cards and codes for opening these channels, and most often these subscriptions are expensive and not accessible to the average user.

Therefore, many users direct the sharing of paid subscriptions and divide them between them and other people in order to reduce the cost of payments. The codes are shared by servers called Cccam.

What is IP TV IPTV?
Simply, iptv is the transfer of the image through the internet completely through a dedicated link for broadcasting and viewing, for example, you are watching YouTube, but broadcasting the shower channels, it is a shortcut to the Internet protocol TV, a protocol for transferring the image and sound via the Internet, which is an alternative way to share satellite broadcasts or even private videos via The Internet via a server with a link on the Internet Internet Link is dedicated to transfer content to users anywhere, it is like video viewing sites, but it broadcasts satellite channels via the Internet.

What is the difference between IPTV and Cccam Scharing?
We can say that the difference between them in the way of work, as an IPTV server depends on the internet for operation and work, and a high and fast internet speed must be obtained in order to watch without interruption.

We need any supportive device to open and operate iptv links, and we can say that all modern devices are supported by phones and desktop computers through smart TV screens.

As for sharing, it needs very little internet speed only to obtain codes and codes for opening satellite channels via CCCam CessCam servers.

Also, we need a receiver that supports “sharing” with the installation of satellites with the sharing available, and the best European hotbird.

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